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Jewelry from South Africa

Jewelry from Africa

... African gifts and African Jewelry ... cufflinks, rings and bracelets.

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Making a titanium ring

Titanium jewellery can be a challenge. Making a titanium ring is not too difficult - you will not be able to use normal goldsmith techniques. Your best approach is that of light engineering. A lathe, a power saw and a powerful polishing machine will make it a lot easier. Most titanium ring manufacturers start with round bar. Some manufacturers may use titanium tube, but this usually has a seam - which makes it difficult to machine. Titanium solid bar, grade 5 and grade 2 titanium is easily available from most titanium suppliers. You can buy titanium solid bar in various sizes - 25mm or 1 inch diameter bar will cover most ring sizes.

Titanium ring being turned on a lathe

Your first step would be to cut a 150mm section off of the length - this will easily fit in most small lathes. Set the cut section into the lathe with a tungsten carbide drill bit - or a concrete drill bit. (you will have to re-sharpen the bit to get a good cut). Start with an 8mm drill and then step it up to just under the ring size you need. This is called boring and is basically taking out the center of the round bar. Once the section is drilled out to the right side you can take the drill out and put the bar into the chuck. True the ring bar in the chuck - then use a tungsten carbide cutter. Depending on what profile you want (half round, soft D shape or flat). Take the thickness of the tube down to the thickness you want the ring to be when it will be finished (Work on 2mm - 2.2mm), then profile the outside of the ring.Your cutter can be sharpened to the shape you want - use a grinder, and lots of water so the cutter does not burn when grinding. To get curves for D shape profiles I use a hand held air grinder with shaped grinding stones.

If you are going to add grooves as a pattern, or grooves to inlay gold or silver now is the time. All of the drill speeds and cut feed should be very slow when cutting titanium - if you spin the piece too fast you will only burn the cutter - or worse the scarf (off cuts from the cut) will ignite. Use a cutting fluid when make deep cuts - my suggestion is "slowly slowly". Sharpen your cutter regularly. If you are going to inlay the titanium ring the walls of the cut should be 90 degrees. They should be at least 1.4mm deep to hold the gold or silver.

Once the profile is cut, and the grooves cut you can pair off the ring - if you are making several rings do not pair off until all the outside detail is complete. If you are working on one ring only you could pair the shank off before the detail is put in - you will need to make a tapered spindle or triplet to mount the ring onto afterwards. If you are going to engrave a pattern into the outside of the titanium ring using a triplet or spindle is very useful - you can take it off the lathe and place the triplet and ring directly onto your engraving machine. It also helps if you are going to hammer precious metal into the grooves - this inlay work can be done whilst on the bench, holding the triplet with one hand and hammering the gold in with the other.

Once the gold or silver has been hammered (inlaid) into the grooves take the ring off of the spindle. You can then solder the joins using hard solder. Don't worry if the titanium discolors - this will be removed later. When all the solder work is done you can remount the ring on the triplet - make sure when you place the triplet back in the lathe that it is true - use a block of brass up against the edge of the ring once it is spinning on the lathe. You can also push the ring tightly onto the spindle while doing this. Find the profiled cutter you used to make the cross section and scrape off the excess gold or silver. If you are good with a lathe you could also have inlaid the ring whilst it was flat, and at this stage put the profile in - cut slowly or you will tear rhe silver out of the groove.

Next the ring comes off the triplet and is placed directly into the lathe chuck - you will need a right shaped cutter to put the comfort fit into the shank - when one side is done flip the ring around and do the other side. All you sandpapering can be done while the ring is on the spindle - and the inside can be doen on the bench with a hand held air grinder. Next you can polish the outside and the inside of the ring - a normal Goldsmith's polishing machine will do it - although a poerfull polsiser is a lot easier. Again - don't rush - the surface of the titanium should have been sanded gradually from P120 right down to P1200 grit - use water if needed. When polishing try and concentrate on the titanium bits, and avoid the precious metal inlay - the gold or silver is much softer than the titanium and you will polish grooves into the gold or silver. Change the direction of the polish regularly. Grade 5 will give you a beautiful polished surface - while grade 2 titanium (pure titanium) will never polish to a mirror finish. The ring can then be sent to the ring engraving machine for hallmarks and carat stamp. If you are going to be stamping your hallmarks in with a hand stamp you should do it before you inlay.


Cuff links as corporate gifts

Cuff links, as corporate gifts, are the most popular gift to give away for functions and golf days. A most companies involved in corporate gifting are white collar, cuff links are the obvious choice of gifts for men. The opportunity for the business sponsoring the cuff links to brand the cuff, or personalise it, is what makes a set of silver cufflinks or gold cuff links such a popular gift. Some companies are now steering away from in your face type branding, and are looking for original designs, something that will have a wow factor. The other trend is to buy cuff links on a more personal level - choosing styling that suits the occasion - like African cuff links for an African conference. Gift buyers are also looking at the person that will receive the gift and choosing accordingly.

African Cuff links as corporate giftsWhile custom cuff links may work out more expensive than buying one mass produced style, buyers now realise that most company directors are tired of receiving the same boring styles at every function. A marketing department would much rather that the gift is appreciated and worn, then talked about, rather than tossed into a draw or given to the kids. This obviously increases costs, as large quantities are now reduced, in favour of small, special batches of stylish and original cuff links. The pay off is huge. The person receiving the gift cuff links feels special, the cuffs get worn, and more importantly, the cuff links get talked about.

As one PR lady told me - "We had a golf day, they gave out the cuff links - the response was so good - I had directors coming to me and asking where they could get the style that their golf partner got. And the next year there was a huge gripe when we gave out wine - they all asked what happened to the great cuffs that they got the previous year. - It worked like magic, they remembered us, and the golf day, and there was anticipation for the next event - wow - could not ask for a better way to spend the marketing budget." While personalised cuff links do work out as more expensive corporate gifts, the custom cuff link seems to be the way forward as Marketing and Pr companies try and get the biggest bang for their buck - and a pair of well thought out stylish, original cuff links is one way to do that. A cufflink that is well made, and are unique cuff links, will always be appreciated - silver cuff links and  personalised cuff links show that you have thought through the process, and thought about your client - and if they are a very special client ... then custom cuff links are the way to go.



Jewelry, Knives, Diamond rings - we've made it!

If you are looking for a great selection of jewellery and gifts, you have come to the right site.

We can manufacture in most carats, colours, and a ring sizes.

We can also use almost any gemstone you would like. A lot of the pieces are handmade and can be made smaller, bigger, wider, thinner - any colour of metal or carat.

Those that are cast (lost wax casting) are as you see them and can be made in sterling silver, 9ct. 14ct, 18ct and sometimes Platinum. 

More great jewellery.................


 Celtic knot cross fancy with center gem pendant bushman africa pendant dragon and yin yang titanium pendant
Celtic Jewellery in sterling silver and gold
Bushman jewellery from Africa
Symbolic Jewellery from around the world
diamond engagement ring free mason ring zulu shield cuff links
Engagement rings - diamonds and tanzanite.
Free mason jewellery in titanium silver and gold
African Mask Jewellery with wonderful histories and meanings.
titanium ring zulu shield cuff links
Titanium jewellery - custom made.
African jewellery - best in the world.
oracle rune ring zulu shield cuff links
Runic Jewellery, oracle rings in gold, silver and titanium.
Silver plectrum - the perfect gift for a musician.
If you like jewellery with meaning, check out our stories page for jewellery with meaning. Our esoteric ranges include Yin Yangs, Dragons, Celtic knots and African masks.

I don't have prices up - mainly because of currency and metal price fluctuations.
If you are ordering for your shop give me a call and I will advise you on our better selling ranges - check our displays and packaging pages for more info.
We also make free masons jewellery and diamond engagement rings. Don't forget we are happy to remodel your old gold. Our manufacturing jewellers love creating new designs. Send us a sketch of your idea and lets see if we can help you. Most of our ideas of the jewelry you see on our website come from our customers. We also manufacture for the trade in South Africa - Corporate gifts are a big part of our business - due to our original creations and the fact that we try to get meaning in our jewellery. Diamonds and tanzanite also play a part in our success - so if you are looking for an engagement ring - something unique and well priced - give us a call. We are happy to use your old gold or platinum in a custom made design. We can remodel your rings - or we can start fresh with new metal and send your old gold for refining if you would like to cleanse the energy from bad experience jewellery.

As with all jewellery, taste is the driving factor. Price is important, but originality and quality come first. Nobody likes to wear a personal piece of jewellery that everyone else has - in saying that - branded jewellery breaks that rule. I do not like branded, mass produced rings and bangles - they classify us as sheep, without our own minds. Human beings have the unique trait of being able to make decisions. I feel that the mass production market, with the powerful advertising, changes this. It takes our uniqueness away.

Our site has jewellery in the following styles: titanium rings, corporate gifts, diamond rings, men's jewelry, wedding bands, African masks, esoteric jewelry, old gold, corporate gifts, South Africa, goldsmith, custom made, African wedding rings.


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Making a titanium ring

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